New or Resale, What Works Best for You?

Prices for foreclosed or resale homes can be tempting for potential buyers looking to purchase one of the homes for sale near Disney. Though Florida’s housing market is on a steady incline, buyers may still be able to take advantage of the reduced pricing of resale homes.

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New homes typically present buyers with a higher upfront cost, but in many cases, this helps offset the cost of repairing some of the major issues that may accompany the purchase of a resale home. A few other factors will affect buyers considering a vacation or year-round home in Central Florida.

Energy Efficiency

A newly constructed home is typically a better option for homebuyers who are concerned with their monthly energy bills and the environmental impact their home may have.

New houses are subject to significantly stricter national energy efficiency codes. These homes also have better air filtration which translates to optimal indoor air quality.

Many resale homes may not offer certifications that cover appliances, doors, roofs, walls and windows because they were built before energy usage was a major concern. It is possible to retrofit an existing home to improve its energy efficiency but this is a costly undertaking.

Hidden Costs

Homebuyers should be conscious of potential repair and replacement costs when considering a resale home.

Many of the essential appliances of a resale home such as water heaters, air conditioning units, and kitchen appliances may not be covered under warranty and may require replacement within the first three years of purchasing the home. In addition to the appliances that are included with a home, homebuyers must also take into account the cost of replacing items such as roofing material, windows, and doors.


Building a new home is not always an option for buyers who are set on a specific location because there is not always land available, or ordinances may restrict how many homes can be built in a certain area. Central Florida, however, has plenty of new homes for sale near Walt Disney World.

Buyer Preference and Lifestyle Needs

Purchasing a resale home gives buyers limited flexibility for layouts and customization. These are a better option for buyers who are willing to invest the time, energy and money into homes that may require a little more upfront investment. Buyers who are willing to invest in “fixer upper” homes need to do their research and decide if the renovations needed to make the house fit their lifestyle as well as their budget.

Wiring, for example, is often an issue. New homes come with wiring systems that are better suited for high-speed electronics and security systems.

Constructing a house from the ground up means that upon move in, the house is built to buyer specifications. While this is not a quick move-in option, it can be advantageous considering the costly adjustments that often have to be made to resale homes.

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