Renting Your Home With Our “In-House” Rental Program

Vacation homes near theme parks have high earning potential. Instead of allowing beautiful resort homes go vacant for the majority of the year, homeowners should consider renting their property to tourists to earn extra income or help offset mortgage costs.

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The Disney Advantage

Real estate near Disney gives owners an advantage because they are located in a coveted area. Every year, thousands of vacationers flock to Florida to experience Disney World and along with central Florida’s numerous attractions.

Homeowners who are still paying their mortgage can rent their properties to cover the costs of their monthly payment. During peak seasons, higher rental prices mean that even with a mortgage, homeowners can make a profit after covering their monthly expenses.

Save Time and Money

Finding people to rent your home can be time consuming and costly. This is especially difficult for people who need to rent their vacation home in order to afford its upkeep. Disney World real estate in particular, can be expensive to buy into. Buyers who do not have the capital to purchase a home in cash should consider using their vacation home as a rental to help offset costs.

Realtor Dave has an in house rental program for owners who want to turn their Disney real estate into a cash property. Owners need only to notify staff of when and for how long they would like to market their property.

How it Works

Homes go into the resort rental pool for vacationers to choose from. While there are other homes in the pool, luxury homeowners are more likely to have steady interest from renters because Realtor Dave has a reputation for quality real estate services.

Realtor Dave has the financial capability to help owners advertise and turn their Disney World real estate into a second source of income with very little effort.  Once renters select a home, Realtor Dave will handle the paperwork and lease agreement so that homeowners do not have to spend time drafting lengthy documents.

Realtor Dave’s in-house rental program is the smartest option for homeowners who want to make the most of their Disney real estate

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