59 Million Reasons to Buy a Property in Central Florida

Central Florida is home to Disney World, Universal Studios Orlando, SeaWorld and hundreds of other unique attractions. The greater Orlando area, the vacation capital of the world, was the destination of choice for more than 59 million visitors last year.

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A Home for Every Budget

A booming economy and diverse offering of homes for sale near Disney World make Central Florida a prime location for both first-time and experienced home buyers. New investors will find an assortment of beautiful, modestly sized and priced homes to meet their needs without sacrificing safety or luxury living.

Buyer’s Market, Unlimited Profit Potential

Regardless of the type and size of house buyers are looking for, investors should get serious about purchasing a home now. Central Florida homeowners have the opportunity to make money just by owning one of the homes for sale near Disney World.

As demand increases, market values for homes are expected to rise, allowing property owners to reap the benefits of current market trends which favor buyers. In addition to the expected increase in home values, homeowners have the unique opportunity to rent out their properties while not in use due to the ever increasing demand for rental property near Disney World. This allows for an immediate and residual return on their investments.

Increase Monthly Cash Flow

Owning a home in Central Florida potentially translates into a new source of income. Orlando’s seemingly endless attractions and close proximity to nearby getaways and beaches yield a constant influx of tourists seeking a short-term vacation rental.

Disney, Universal and SeaWorld’s high-priced and limited availability accommodations offer vacation home owners a unique opportunity to turn their property into a steady cash source, especially during peak seasons.

Low Taxes

Taxes are typically a concern for most homeowners, yet another reason to purchase one of the homes for sale near Disney World. It is cheaper to own a home in Florida than it is in most states.

Not only does Florida have some of the lowest property taxes, it is one of only seven states that do not have income tax. This means homebuyers planning to live in their Central Florida home year-round will retain a significantly higher percentage of their income.

Low Risk

Increasingly harsh winters have popularized the Florida lifestyle which means the demand for housing is also increasing. Central Florida homeowners can rest easy knowing that should they choose to sell their home in the future, house appreciation and rising demand increase the likelihood of a substantial return on investment.

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