Fall is here!

If you feel like the calendar is moving at rapid speed, you’re not alone. We were just singing Auld Lang Syne and now we are on the home stretch to the end of the year. It’s not all bad. The fall calls for fun times and festive decorations. With Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas jammed into a three-month stretch, it’s a great time to go all out and decorate the outside of your home in your favorite fall theme. And if you have recently purchased one of the homes for sale in Reunion, it’s really time to celebrate.

Fall has it’s own set of colors and design concepts that make it unique. Whether you go with an idea that harkens to your childhood or something more innovative, great fall-themed ideas abound.

Fall Decorating Ideas for the Outside of Your Home

Here are a few ideas that will convert your home into an autumn palace:

  • A fall bouquet for your door: Find flowers from the season or dried flowers and create a great fall wreath. Fall corn also makes a great wreath.
  • Welcome guests with fall-themed wood tags: These are simple to make and can say “welcome” to your home in a unique way.
  • Create a fall centerpiece for your outdoor table: Pumpkins, pine cones, a vase of mums make a great centerpiece.
  • Create a pumpkin topiary: In speaking of pumpkins, there are a number of awesome ways to to arrange them to make a beautiful topiary.
  • Fill urns with beautiful mums: Mums are classic fall flowers and in an urn, make for a delightful visual.
  • Decorate your porch with paper lanterns: Thinking slightly outside the box, buy paper lanterns in fall colors like orange, yellow, and blue and hang them throughout your porch. The lanterns will give your outside a festive look, appropriate for all the fall parties to come.

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