Do You Know What Renters Want the Most When They Go on Vacation?

Whenever renters are looking to book a vacation, there are certain features they look for that will determine if they’ll rent a property. Having the best amenities can increase your return on investment. Following are some of the most frequently requested amenities people look for when renting a vacation home.

The Right Location

The location of a property is one of the most important features of a property, especially in Orlando. People want to be close to the best attractions and other hot spots in the area. When you live in the right location, you can price your rental more competitively.

Welcome Pets

Pets are increasingly accompanying their owners on vacation and those that advertise vacation rentals are beginning to market their properties as a pet-friendly rental. When you welcome pets you increase your earning potential.

High-Speed Internet Access

People expect an internet connection everywhere they go—even on vacation. You’d think that every home would have high-speed internet but there are cases where it’s afterthought to some property owners. Don’t lose out on potential renters by ensuring your property accommodates business professionals and tech-savvy families looking to stay connected to social media.

Access to a Pool

Pools and hot tubs are synonymous with “vacation” and while every vacation home may not have one, pools still rank high on the list of must-haves by vacationers. So when you’re looking to invest in homes for sale in Reunion Country Club, consider one with a pool.

Cable TV

Although vacationers are looking to do a bunch of fun things on the go from attractions, live entertainment, and eating out, some will want to retreat back at the property for some rest and relaxation. Provide TVs with cable to ensure their stay is comfortable.

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