Expert Tips for Drawing New Renters

Fall is one of the best times to travel because the summer vacation crowd has decreased and the hot summer heat is a bit more bearable. Vacationers are opting to spend holidays away from home and fall gives travelers an opportunity to snag a more affordable vacation rental. As an owner of one of the many beautiful Reunion Homes for sale, there are various methods you can use but no matter the method, you will be investing either your time or monetary resources to bring a profit to fruition. We’ll share a few expert tips for drawing renters to get your started.

List It

You can list Reunion homes on national paid listing sites, local listing sites, or free sites. HomeAway, VRBO, and FlipKey are examples of national websites. They cost more but expose your listing to more people which will likely get you plenty of inquiries in return. Local listing sites can be found by performing a google search for vacation rentals in Orlando. If your budget is tight, you can always utilize free sites to list your property. You won’t get as much exposure but some exposure is better than none. Be sure to tailor your listing for the fall season by emphasizing features like fireplaces, home theaters, or a hot tub when providing a description of the property.

Leverage Social Media

Social media is a fruitful way to attract new renters and to stay connected with previous guests because it costs little to nothing and your property gets tons of exposure. You can promote the property and area on Facebook, have meaningful conversations on Twitter, and upload videos of your property to Youtube. Blogging and article writing will boost traction on your website because they can present you as an authority on vacationing, hot spots, renting, and more. Remember to entice fall vacationers by highlighting exciting fall events in Orlando.

Rely on Testimonials

Selecting a place to stay for the duration of a vacation can be stressful, this is why many people rely on the testimonials of others when selecting a place to stay. The positive experiences of your past guests lend credibility to you as a property owner and they’ll trust that they are in the right hands when booking your property. Homes for sale in Reunion testimonials can be listed on promotional materials, on your website, in your email signature, and on social media.

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