Tips to Increase Rental Property Income

As your Luxury Orlando Real Estate team, we know that a significant reason people purchase vacation homes for sale in Champions Gate is to rent them out to earn extra income. Earning income for your rental property is a great way to help make mortgage payments, and we want to help you maximize your rental property profits.

Do Your Own Bookings

It’s easy for vacation homeowners to hire someone else to do the bookings for their vacation home, because it can be time consuming if you already have a full time job, but you can make more money doing the bookings yourself. If you decide to do your own bookings, we have a few tips to make your Champions Gate home for sale stand out.

  • Upgrade your subscriptions on the places where you’re advertising. is a top-rated vacation home rental site, and if you upgrade to the deluxe package, your home will get up to seven times the exposure.
  • Come up with a catchy title and description. You want your property to stand out, and just stating the facts can be boring.
  • Take great photos of your property and upload them. Make sure to take multiple pictures of each room and the exterior amenities as well.

Ensure Repeat Renters

Many renters prefer to go to the same vacation spot every year at the same time. Once a guest has stayed in your home for sale in Champions Gate, you should email them or send a follow up survey on how they liked your home and if they want to reserve for next year.

Professionally Decorate Your Home

Renters want to stay in a place with a resort-type feel. Having a vacation home in Orlando should inspire you to decorate your home with a Florida theme, tropical and beachy, or a Disney theme. Additionally, kitchens and bathrooms are the focal points of a vacation home, and should be updated with top-grade appliances and fixtures.

Offer Amenities That Guests Want

Guests want a vacation home that they can relax in, and that requires amenities like flat screen televisions, wireless internet, and cable. A laundry room with a washer and dryer is also a great amenity to guarantee new and repeat renters.

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