Find and Purchase Your Dream Vacation Home

Many dream of owning a vacation home for sale in Reunion, but find the idea of buying one intimidating. In reality, finding and buying a vacation home is easier than you think. Luxury Orlando Real Estate is experienced in the home buying process and we have provided a simple guide to follow to analyze your options.

Match Your Vacation Home Choices to Your Lifestyle

When it comes to buying a vacation home, many people assume that they must own a primary residence before owning a vacation home, but this is not true. What’s really essential is a homebuyer matches their housing choice to their lifestyle. For example, if you live in a city and want a lot of space, it might be outside your realm of affordability. A solution to this is renting a condo in the city, and buying a large Reunion vacation home for sale outside the metro area.

Understand the Total Cost of a Vacation Home Ownership

It’s simple to determine what you can afford by using an online tool. You can use a lender to formally analyze the cash available for a down payment, closing costs, and reserves. You’ll also need to calculate the total monthly cost on your existing home (either owned or rented) and the total monthly cost on the vacation home. In addition to those costs, you’ll need to plan for:

  • Electric, gas, cable, and internet
  • Housewares and furniture
  • Travel costs to your vacation home
  • Total cost of any property maintenance (cleaning, landscaping, pool work) 

Use a Local Realtor and Lender to Make an Offer

Most of the time, vacation properties are in specialized local markets, making it recommended to find local real estate agents and lenders. A local real estate agent will assist you with clarifying local transaction fees, taxes and commissions, and will advise you on all local zoning and property rental rules. A local lender will be more comfortable with appraisals and lending in the area of your future home. In some cases, your local real estate company will have the ability to recommend a lender that they’ve used before and trust to work with their clients.

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