What are HOAs, and Why Do I Need One?

Homeowners Associations act on behalf of the community to safeguard resident interests. They typically consist of volunteers that work with a management company to mandate and enforce community regulations.

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Protect Your Investment

Buying into an HOA neighborhood may not sound enticing when considering one of the many Disney homes for sale, but it is important to consider big picture benefits. Typically, monthly HOA fees are proportionate to the list prices on community neighborhoods. While this extra expense may seem like a nuisance, HOAs play an integral role in protecting the value of your home.

Most of the board members own homes in the community themselves. Therefore, they have a consigned interest in protecting the neighborhood standards. They consider all homeowner’s best interests when making decisions because their property value is directly linked to that of everyone else’s.

Less Government Regulation

Local government and municipalities issue restrictions and regulations in an attempt to preserve and protect the city’s residents. Though well-intentioned, these regulations can sometimes be tone-deaf because they are usually too broad to encompass the needs of individual communities.

HOAs produce regulations that help guard against neighborhood degeneration. HOA fees contribute to the provision of neighborhood services that individual homeowners would not be able to afford or complete on their own.

If you are considering one of the Disney World homes for sale as a vacation home, these strictly enforced regulations and neighborhood services add a layer of protection when you are not occupying your residence. This is essential for those that plan to use their property as short-term rentals.

Community Involvement

HOAs typically encourage a greater sense of community by encouraging residents to participate in the decision-making process of the neighborhood. Regulation infractions are often reported and resolved quickly which enable HOAs to have more control and enforce building regulations and prohibitions.

Land Control

HOAs diminish problems associated with urban sprawl. Planned communities and regulated use of land make homeownership more affordable and protect the interests of first-time homeowners and retirees. Affordable ownership makes buying one of the homes for sale in Disney World a reality for families with modest budgets.

Love Where You Live

HOAs help produce and maintain a comfortable, safe, aesthetically-pleasing living environment. Playgrounds and other community amenities that would otherwise be too expensive for low to mid income homeowners are maintained by the board, contributing to overall residential satisfaction.

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