Want to Purchase a Vacation Home in Reunion Resort?

1. Visit The Area

Take a trip to the city of your soon-to-be vacation home in the off season. For many vacation destinations, the offseason can mean less tourists, but it can also mean less businesses and restaurants open. If you’re planning on spending time at your vacation home during both on and off season, you’ll want a feel for both environments to make sure you’ll be comfortable while on vacation. Luckily, if you’re purchasing a vacation home for sale in Reunion, FL, you can pretty much guarantee the same environment year-round. Orlando theme parks are always open, the downtown life is always bustling, and you can always count on the golf courses to greet you.

2. Figure Out The Distance

When deciding to purchase a vacation home, there are two ways of deciding where to look. Are you looking for a weekend getaway? If so, you probably don’t want to buy a vacation home more than a few hours drive away. If you have to drive more than four or five hours to get to your second home, it can get easier to go less frequently. However, if you are buying your second home for retirement, it can really be anywhere location wise, as long as you’re satisfied with amenities in the area.

3. Find A Good Local Real Estate Agent

Even if you’ve visited the area plenty of times on vacation, it can still be difficult to buy a vacation home outside of the area of which you live, so your best bet is to hire a local real estate agent. They will be familiar with the area and the market, and can be very beneficial when searching for and buying a second home. If you’re looking at Reunion homes for sale in Orlando, FL, Luxury Orlando Real Estate is your best choice. Dave and his team have the experience needed in the Orlando and Reunion Resort real estate market to help you find your dream vacation home. They can offer phone conferences and video tours for those not able to see the home in person.

4. Decide If You Will Rent Out Your Vacation Home.

If you choose to rent out your vacation home when you aren’t occupying it, make sure you are well informed of tax implications. If you rent out your vacation home for 14 or less days it can be marked as tax free. Any amount of time beyond that, and you must report any rental income. You’ll also want to consider all the extra steps that will be needed to ensure the home is always clean and ready for renters.

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