Here are 3 Reasons to Hire a Local Real Estate Agent

If a potential home buyer is looking to purchase a vacation or retirement home for sale near Disney World and doesn’t live near the area, that can add extra burdens to the homebuying experience. Researching homes online can only get you so far, particularly if you live outside of Florida or the United States. You can look at pictures of houses you are interested in, but it is highly unlikely you have the time to fly to Orlando every time you find a house you like. That’s where your local realtor comes in.

1. Local Realtors Are Familiar With The Area

Local realtors know the area; the neighborhood, local restaurants, schools, and more. Have a question about recreational activities in Orlando? Your realtor can point you in the direction of Reunion Resort’s famous Arnold Palmer golf course. Hiring a local real estate agent means you are hiring someone who lives in that area, something that can be very beneficial when deciding to purchase a home.

2. Ask Your Realtor for a Virtual Tour

If you can’t fly out to look at a new home in person, and a few pictures doesn’t cut it, ask your realtor to give you a virtual tour via a pre-recorded tour or a Skype session. Have them walk through the home, in each room, and go through the front and backyard to give you a clear visual of what the home looks like. With a virtual tour, your local realtor can show you everything in the house from the countertops to the flooring, as if you were there in person.

3. Local Realtors Have The Inside Scoop

When house hunting, especially from overseas, without a local agent, you may not be privy to all the extra financial details that are included in a listing. Your local real estate agent will have the inside knowledge that can be very useful in helping you make a smart investment, including any HOA fees and obligations, tax and insurance information, as well as any maintenance issues. They will have up to date information that you may not be able to find online, such as how long the home has been on the market, if it’s been listed more than once, neighboring property comparisons, and information from previous inspections.

With Luxury Orlando Real Estate, you get a father-son team that is highly experienced, and has worked with hundreds of customers buying a second home in the Orlando area from out of state or overseas.

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