Looking for a Vacation Home?

Orlando is a popular choice when it comes to investing in a vacation home. As your Luxury Orlando Real Estate Team, we have provided a few of the common reasons people invest in homes for sale in Disney.

1. Orlando is a Family Vacation Destination

In 2014, Orlando welcomed over 59 million people, setting a fourth consecutive record high. Out of the 59 million, 54 million were visitors from the United States and about 5 million were international visitors. If you’re looking for a vacation home that your family can visit every year, Orlando is the place for you. With dozens of theme parks and easy access to several beaches, sunny Orlando is very family friendly, bringing together families from all over the world.

2. Orlando Vacation Homes are a Popular Commodity

Vacation homes for sale near Disney World are one of the most popular forms of accommodation in Orlando. Most of the travelers visiting Orlando are families, and families prefer the space and value they get when they stay in a vacation home rental. If you decide to rent out your vacation home during the parts of the year you aren’t there with your family, it won’t be hard to find renters, making your vacation home a source of income. Vacation home investors can buy a home and rent it out daily, weekly, or even monthly to travelers, offsetting costs and expenses.

3. Orlando is Ideal for Investing

Real estate prices in Orlando are very affordable, and the varieties of properties are superb. Additionally, whether investing in an Orlando vacation home from inside or outside of the United States, it’s beneficial to have an investment in a location where rental investments are already successful. Disney World is a very well known brand and continues to grow, offering visitors new reasons to visit every year. Orlando is a destination where the idea of vacation homes are already well-developed. When you decide to invest in a home for sale near Disney World, you are not only investing in a place to stay with your family when you come into town, but you are also investing in a future.

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